Good-as-new dry cleaning services

At Get It Done on the Gold Coast, we offer professional dry cleaning services to restore your clothes to a like-new condition. Besides being the only way to clean certain fabrics, dry cleaning offers several advantages over wet cleaning. For example, dry cleaning:

  • Doesn’t shrink your clothes
  • Is better at removing greases and oils
  • Protects the dyes used for wool, silk and rayon
  • Makes it easier to steam and press the clothes afterward
  • Helps remove odours, such as those from a fire
  • Is gentler on buttons and other trimmings
  • As you can see, dry cleaning is often a safer and more effective cleaning method for many types of clothes.

When you need reliable dry cleaning services for your suits, leather jackets, fur coats and other fragile fabrics, turn to Get It Done. Our fast turnaround times and attention to detail ensure our customers are always impressed with our service. Contact us today for more information.

More than 12 years of experience

If you are in the market for dry cleaning, it’s essential that you get people who know what they’re doing. For 12 years, we have established a stellar reputation with a range of clients on the Gold Coast. You’ll get efficient service from the very best professional. In addition, you’ll also get competitive and fair prices.